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Available Resources

Emergency Ambulance

Our Emergency Ambulances are all equipped to our high, exacting standards, in fact exceeding many NHS Ambulance Trusts specifications and enable us to transport all patients to hospital immediately ourselves rather than having to call 999 and wait an undeterminable amount of time like many providers do.


Having recently changed out entire fleet to automatic Mercedes Sprinter box vehicles, we have reliable work horses that have plenty of space in the back with a brilliant layout to make things easier for our crews.


These vehicles carry all the equipment our team needs to treat any medical emergency along with a variety of extrication and rescue equipment and if required additional critical care equipment, including portable ultrasound, mechanical CPR device and a Pneupac mechanical ventilator on board.

With solar panels on the roof to charge all the medical devices, built in webcams to provide remote support and built in thermal printers, these vehicles are future proof and ensure we can provide the best care to patients no matter where we are!


Medical Treatment Centre

Our spacious Treatment Centres are rapidly deployable with a robust X Frame allowing deployment in just 15 minutes! With a modular design allowing for either one large space or a variety of layouts, these 9 x 3m Fire Resistant, Gore-Tex marquees with build in lighting and removable heating/ cooling technology allows for us to run a Resuscitation, Major and Minor bays at events no matter the weather. For larger events, we can either have multiple Treatment Centres or Combine multiple units to make one larger Treatment Facility depending on need.

We can further enhance the scope of this resource and provide hot running water and showering facilities inside when we connect it up to our Staff Welfare unit which provides our staff with washing facilities, a place to sleep, rest, cook meals and keep food cool along with secure storage for personal items to ensure they are refreshed and always totally focussed on providing optimum patient care.

All Terrain Ambulance

For those extremely difficult terrain events, we make use of our All Terrain Ambulance. With four wheel drive, it is perfect for getting to those hard to reach places, round motocross tracks or through bumpy fields and country roads.

Equipped with all the same medical equipment as our emergency ambulance, these vehicles are designed to get our Medical Teams to the scene quickly and are able to transport patients back to the Medical Treatment Centre with its roll out stryker stretcher, orthopaedic scoop stretcher and  vacuum mattress.


Rapid Response Vehicle

For higher risk events, we make use of our Rapid Response Vehicle. With all wheel drive and a top speed of 140mph, it is perfect for getting through traffic and down narrow roads or paths due to it's impressive acceleration and agility being far superior than that of a full size ambulance.

Intended mainly to get our Specialist Critical Care Teams to the scene quickly to commence life saving treatment, our RRV is equipped with all the same medical equipment as our Emergency Ambulances including the additional critical care equipment such portable ultrasound, a mechanical CPR device and mechanical ventilator. It also holds our MIRP (Major Incident Response Pack) which can be deployed at incidents where there is a large number of injured patients.


Humber Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

Our Humber RIB with a 150 HP twin stroke outboard engine gives us the ability to  provide immediate assistance to casualties on the water at a wide variety of sporting events. Deployed at open water triathlons, sailing and wind surfing events, this boat is a fast, effective response to any situation. Equipped with an Advanced Life Support Response Bag, AED, Oxygen and an Aquatic Spine board, it is capable of dealing with any situation our Water Rescue trained Paramedics may come across.

Cycle Response Units

Cycle Response Units are usually deployed in teams of two with each team carrying all the essential equipment required to provide Advanced Life Support long enough until further assistance arrives in the form of an RRV or Emergency Ambulance.

Ideal for events with large volumes of people, these are ideal for cutting through the crowds and getting places our vehicles can't! We also find deploying CRUs on marathons particularly effective as they can follow the runners to give assistance the second it is needed, ensuring outstanding patient care every time.

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