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Our Staff


Our most valued asset and the thing we are proudest of! Rutland Medical Solutions Ltd utilise a range of Clinical Grades to ensure maximum efficiency and excellent patient care at all times at our events. All of our staff work for the NHS full time and are hand picked for their outstanding clinical ability and dedication to patient care. See below for further details on what they all are. 

Critical Care Doctor

These doctors are consultants currently working within the NHS in either emergency medicine or anaesthetics as well as in pre-hospital care. Many of our doctors fly regularly with their local air ambulance charities and bring with them an infinite wealth of experience from their many years in emergency healthcare. Deploying these doctors on events alongside our critical care paramedics enables us, when required, to perform life saving surgery at the scene of the accident or provide the patient with an emergency general anaesthetic known as an RSI.

Immediate Care Doctor

Immediate care doctors are registrars currently working within the NHS in either emergency medicine or anaesthetics and are currently working towards passing their consultant exams. These doctors are very experienced and are usually deployed within our medical centres or treatment units to assist with more complex cases.

Critical Care Paramedic

Critical care paramedics are extremely experienced HCPC registered health care professionals that have successfully completed or are working towards an MSc in prehospital critical care and have already completed a prehospital anaesthetic course along with a prehospital emergency medicine crew course. Many of these individuals have also completed their Diploma in Immediate Medical Care and all are currently working within the NHS or a local air ambulance charity in a critical care role. These paramedics can assist critical care doctors with RSIs along with emergency surgical procedures on scene. They also have access to a wide range of advanced medication that standard paramedics cannot use by the use of patient groups directives.

Enhanced Care Paramedic

Enhanced care paramedics are HCPC registered health care professionals that have completed additional training in minor injuries and illnesses along with additional courses in major trauma. These skills enable them to perform additional skills when required such as minor wound closure, enhanced patient assessments and certain life saving surgical interventions.


All of our paramedics hold degrees in paramedic science, are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and currently employed full time within the NHS in a frontline capacity. Many have additional skills or specialisms that we can drawn upon when required such as swift water rescue or close protection.

Advanced Care Practitioner

Advanced care practitioners or ACPs are NMC registered nurses or HCPC registered paramedics that have completed an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice along with an Independent Non-Medical Prescribers course. These paramedics/nurses are highly experienced autonomous practitioners that currently work within the NHS alongside their doctor colleagues within an accident and emergency department or urgent treatment centre, seeing a wide range of patients and managing their care from initial assessment through to treatment and discharge.


All of our nurses are NMC registered health care professionals currently employed full time within the NHS in an Accident and Emergency Department or Major Trauma Centre.

Ambulance Technician

Ambulance technicians are experienced non registered Health Care Professionals that hold an IHCD qualification which consisted of an 8 week clinical course followed by 1000 hours placement or a new updated FREC level 5. They are trained to work as part of an ambulance crew either assisting paramedics with advanced level care or acting as lead clinician for less unwell patients.

Emergency Care Assistant

Emergency care assistants are the lowest grade of staff we will deploy. All our emergency care assistants are advanced first aiders trained to work when needed as part of an ambulance crew assisting paramedics or technicians with the assessment and treatment of patients. Emergency care assistants can also be deployed on lower risk events as solo first aiders or first responders such as part of a cycle response team to provide assistance until paramedic back up arrives. All of our ECAs currently work within the NHS are part of a frontline emergency ambulance crew.

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