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Medical Services

There are several options when it comes to using our services for event, film and VIP medical provision. We can either help you risk assess your event, design the perfect package of cover tailored to your needs and deliver this package, or we can support your existing medical team with specialist provision.

Our management team have over a decades’ worth of experience and are confident that they will be able to provide you with outstanding, friendly service no matter what your individual requirement.

Training Services

We are proud to offer a variety of training courses from workplace training to specialist packages as well as CPD events for current Health Care Professionals of all clinical grades wishing to develop their existing knowledge and skills.

Our training courses are only delivered by experienced Health Care Professionals currently working within the NHS to ensure the training you receive is not only engaging, but is also delivered by trainers that have a wealth of real-life experience in their subject.

Wellbeing Services

As registered healthcare provider, we have the ability to provide a wide range of health and wellbeing services. 

From facilitating blood tests, hay fever symptom relief and professional athlete medical examinations, we can ensure your every health and wellbeing need is met. 




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Rutland Medical Solutions Ltd.

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