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Hayfever Support

While the warm weather and sunny days bring joy to many, for some people it results in a miserable existence, one of sneezing, runny noses, sore itchy eyes and headaches. 

Hayfever can be totally debilitating for these people and despite taking regular over the counter antihistamines,  they get no relief from symptoms and spend all of the spring and summer months waiting for winter to arrive. 

But No More!

Here at Rutland Medical Solutions, we can provide consultations to guide you on a number of treatments and therapies available that may bring significant, and often complete relief from these symptoms. One of these popular options is the Kenalog Injection which we can offer for just £50 per injection!


What is the Kenalog Injection?

In simple terms, the Kenalog Injection is a single dose hayfever treatment that is injected into a muscle and lasts the duration of the season. It is ideal if you are over 18, have severe symptoms of hayfever, and have tried all the usual treatments, such as eye drops or tablets from the pharmacy but not experienced relief. 

How Does it Work?

If following a consultation our highly trained practitioner feels this is the appropriate course of treatment for you, they will prescribed it off licence and then administer the single injection into the muscle of your buttock, and the effects will start to be felt within 1 - 48 hours. 

Is It Right for Me?

The Kenalog injection is a very cost effective treatment compared to the daily cost of expensive tablets and eye drops. A single dose lasts all season which enables you to get on with your life without worry or having to remember to take medication daily. 

Our practitioner prior to administration will go through with you all the risks, side effects, inclusion and exclusion criteria to ensure you are complete comfortable prior to having the medication. 

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