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Event Medical Support


Rutland Medical Solutions Ltd. are well equipped to provide assistance at a wide variety of events no matter the size or location. We can either supplement existing cover in place from other medical providers with our specialist staff, or we can plan, coordinate and provide the full package of medical provision for the event organiser from start to finish, utilising our wealth of experience and passion for event medicine to ensure an unmatchable service every time.

With medical capabilities most event teams (and NHS ambulances!) in the UK simply do not have, we can guarantee the level of care will be like no other, from portable ultrasound, electronic prescribing capability, critical care services such as emergency anaesthetics and life saving surgical interventions, we have got you covered!

When taking bookings, one of our team will always give you a call to discuss the event, get an understanding of what it is you would like from us and understand fully all the potential risks associated with your event before confirming in writing our proposed provision. For more complex or higher risk events, we will perform a site specific assessment with you to ensure all risks and limitations are understood.


Once we have a good idea of the event, we will follow guidance laid out by the Event Industry Forum and any relevant professional regulating bodies such as UK Athletics or the Auto Cycle Union to ensure we are providing suitable cover for your event and will get back to you with a quote. We will never be willing to provide less than the minimum required level however if you feel you would like additional cover, we are always more than happy to adapt the requirements to your personal preferences and needs.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you at your event no matter how big or small!


To enquire about medical cover at your upcoming event, click here!

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