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VIP Protection


We know that sometimes, a bright hi vis jacket and large response bag is not what a client is looking for from their medical provision. There are times when discreet yet highly responsive cover is needed in order to ensure that there is exceptional medical care available at a moments notice, without drawing attention to it. 

Here at Rutland Medical Solutions Ltd, we have extensive experience of providing personal medical protection services to a host of A list celebrities. From Rock and Pop stars to TV personalities and corporate executives. 

Our Paramedics supporting these contracts have all got experience in close protection, many being ex-forces and are able to work alongside your security detail to provide the medical element of cover to guarantee should it be needed, there is expert help available instantly. 

Whether it is support on a tour, joining on a business trip abroad or remote support 24/7 - we have got you covered. 

To enquire about medical cover at your upcoming event, click here!

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